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Neptune's Truth Teller
Performance Neptune's truth teller with water, aquarium, light sensors, microphones, resonator

11/09/2018 Group Global 3000 Berlin

The sound of water is deeply rooted in everybody and a part of our being that can't be ignored, literally since the beginning of life. What happens if we use the nature of waves and dripping movements to create and modulate electronic sounds? The wave space gets acoustically transformed and projected into a sensually experienceable sound scape.

Neptune, the God of water, mythologially stands for phantasy, creativity and the flow of things, but also for nebulousness, the approximate and delusion. In times of fake news, filter bubbles and proliferating conspiration theories I plead to take a listen to the movements of life matrix water and find its deep truth.

A light source illuminates the water surface from the bottom of an aquarium. The reflexions of the water surface are being picked up by light sensors and get transformed into control signals for the electronic resonator network. The acoustic sounds of the water are recorded by microphones as well and are being fed into the resonator network. During the performance, the sound gets produced by the water itself as well as by the feedbacks and modulations of the resonators.

The water movements do also control the RGB LED rings which light up the aquarium and send water-modulated Midi notes to the Resonator Neuronium at the same time.