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JMWelcome dear visitor,

I am Jürgen Michaelis and I'd like to warmly welcome you here on my personal website.


Maybe you know me from my work for the JoMoX company. Yes, it's about electronic music there.

Moreover, I have designed some other things and sorted out thoughts for some topics that I like to introduce to you here.

I was always fascinated by totally interdisciplinary areas:

where for instance arts, literature, biology, chemistry, physics, medicine and technics meet.
Why not even spirituality?


The term of the universal philosopher doesn't really fit into our specialized and ideologized world any more, but for my person I need to have an approach for the wholeness of reality.

Therefore I need to dedicate a part of my personalty to arts, where I can at least partly live for these areas.

I invite you to share my personal research, ideas and realizations.

As an artist, musician and think tank.



When I started Jayemsonic, there were more than enough mass products on the market of electronic sound producers already, and it was important for me to give a counterpoint to the classic sound production. These ideas do not have always to agree with the projections of electronic musicians.


I am interested in concepts that conciously get apart from average synthesizers and rely more on natural processes rather than tradional music instruments.

But take a look for yourself.

Jayemsonic products are unicates or electronic experimental objects that only get manufactured in very small series or are specially made for installations or exhibitions.

If you are interested, please contact me.



Best Regards,


Jürgen Michaelis