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Circus Neuronimus

or the exhibition Experience Art in 2005 I have worked out Circus Neuronimus and wrote a special Resonator Neuronium OS only for this installation.






Moving sensors are arranged in a hexagon, so that the neuron sounds are only hearable when a vistor enters the circle of neurons.



Resonator Neuronium is placed under a plexiglass dome which is featured with slider sensors. 6 sensors allow for controlling of the pitch of the neuro generators and the control of neuron cutoff.







If the sliders get touched with a finger, the pitch gets changed.



If the finger is held on the slider, in the area below the holding finger another parameter, the filter cutoff, can be controlled with a second finger.





After a certain number of inputs by the visitors a new sound generation is produced by means of genetic algorithms made from old presets which are again the result of previous inputs.


The visitors can experience an interactive perception with the sounds of the R.N. by the 6 channel audio room projection and participate on the genetic programming of the R.N. at the same time.








More about the rest of the exhibition can be found here: